True Story 1

Adding “This” to Her Morning coffee Changed Everything

Tracy Bess is a mother of 4 from Taxes, USA

Along with comfort eating, Tracy also struggled with mobility issues due to tarsal tunnel syndrome in her late 40s which affected her ankle and wreaked havoc on her body so she couldn’t keep up with her four sons.

Tracy couldn’t squeeze into some chairs and seatbelts on planes were overextended.

At 53 years old, she’s finally in the best shape of her life!

Her Method?

A simple tweak to her morning coffee routine.

For more than a decade, Tracy struggled with diet programs that left her hungry and weak.

But still determined to uncover her slimmed-down physique, she continued searching for answers.

And after searching for so long, she finally found the solution!

She discovered why her own body was making it impossible to lose weight.

Thankfully, it’s a simple fix that anyone can do at home 

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